CALCIPAST Calcipast Cerkamed 2.1 m

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Calcium hydroxide in the form of a paste

  • bactericidal effect
  • contributes to the restoration of periapical tissues of the tooth
  • softens the inflammatory state
  • has a remineralizing effect
  • does not harden in the channel
  • radiopaque

CALCIPAST - pH = 12.5 -13

Material for temporary filling of root canals based on calcium hydroxide in the form of a paste, ready for use. No mixing required.

Contributes to the restoration of damaged periapical tissues. CALCIPAST is also recommended for use as a biological gasket in the method of indirect and direct pulp coating.

The appropriately selected chemical composition ensures the rapid formation of secondary and replacement dentin. The advantage of the product is primarily the stimulating effect of the formation of mineralized barriers. It also has a drying effect, which is of great importance in cases of protracted inflammatory exudates.

CALCIPAST is a soft non-hardening material. After placing the material in the channel, a sudden, controlled, long-term release of calcium ions begins.

Application and properties of CALCIPAST

It is used as a temporary intracanal seal between visits to the doctor.

In the treatment of infected root canals.

Has a bactericidal effect.

Reduces the inflammatory reaction.

Stimulates the restoration of damaged periapical tissues, encouraging odontoblasts to produce replacement dentin.

Protects the pulp from thermoelectric irritants.

Prevents the penetration of exudate into the root canal system.

The drug has the consistency of a paste, which can be easily introduced into the canal using the applicator nozzle included in the kit, the Lentulo canal filler, or using the last of the dilators used for the treatment of the dental cavity.

CALCIPAST is applied after treatment and drainage of the canal.

Insert the applicator to a depth of max. 1/3 of the apical opening.

Press the nozzle of the syringe until the paste reaches the top opening, and then slowly remove the syringe.

Remove excess paste with a sterile tampon.

The paste should be left in the canal until the bone is partially restored and the root tips are formed.

CALCIPAST contains barium sulfate, which does not pass X-rays well, so it is very visible on pictures.

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CALCIPAST Calcipast Cerkamed 2.1 m