Ketac Cem Radiopaque, 33 g powder + 12 ml liquid

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Properties and advantages:

• Active release of fluoride
• Reliable chemical bond with dentin
• Low solubility in saliva
• Thin film of material
• Radiopacity

Preparatory work:

  • To achieve the greatest fixation strength, thoroughly clean the surface of enamel, dentine and metal surfaces.
  • Dry the prepared cavity with a water-air spray in 2-3 short intervals or dry it with cotton swabs. Do not overdry the dentin! The dentin in the prepared cavity should have a characteristic wet sheen. Excessive drying with a direct, strong air jet from the gun can negatively affect the quality of fixation, as well as the development of post-sensitivity on teeth with living pulp.
  • Metal surfaces must be dried very well.
  • Protect the prepared cavity from saliva contamination.

Pulp protection

Glass ionomers should not be applied to areas in close proximity to the pulp.

Before you remove the cast from the tooth, protect the pulp with an overlay

The thinnest layer of the hardened medical pad contains calcium hydroxide.


Do not forget to shake the powder bottle before each use.

  • Unscrew the cap from the bottle with the liquid and screw on the dropper in the set instead.
  • Usually, the following weight ratio of powder and liquid is used for cementing orthopedic structures - 3.8: 1. This can be compared with 1 measuring spoon of powder to 2 drops of liquid. Remove the excess powder in the measuring spoon from the plastic insert in the neck of the bottle. Do not tamp the powder in the measuring spoon.
  • Drip the liquid next to the powder slide on the pad or kneading plate. Turn the bottle with the liquid over and hold it strictly vertically (in this case, the drops are accurately dosed and the nozzle is not contaminated). In order to avoid premature deterioration of the material, the dropper should be cleaned every time from liquid that has crystallized on it.
  • If you need to prepare cement of a thicker consistency (for example, to form a stump), you should change the proportion and add a little more powder.
  • Bottles are tightly closed after use.

Cement that is too liquid in the case of teeth with living pulp can provoke the development of pulpitis, so it is better not to deviate from the recommended proportions.


Ketac Gem radiopaque should be used at a room temperature of 20-25 °C.

For kneading, it is possible to use both a metal and a plastic spatula.

Add the powder to the liquid in two large portions. Do not add the powder to the liquid in small portions. The approximate amount of cement required to cement one crown is placed on the tip of the spatula.

Thoroughly mix the cement until a homogeneous consistency is obtained.


When applying cement, the working area must be protected from water, saliva, etc. Pollution.

  • Apply a thin layer of cement to the artificial crown and press.
  • After that, start recovery. Do not overcrowd the crown.

Hydrostatic pressure of closely located crowns can lead to a reaction from the pulp.

Work time

The time calculation is given for a room temperature of 23 ° C and a relative humidity of 50%.
Mixing 1:00 min'sec
Working time including mixing time 3:30 min'sec
Hardening from the beginning of mixing 7:00 min'sec

Increased temperature in the room can affect the working time - shortening it, while in the cold the working time is prolonged.

A larger amount of applied powder shortens the working time. An increase in the duration of the working time leads to a loss of adhesion to enamel and dentin.

Removal of excess

Excess material is easily removed 7 minutes after the start of mixing with a spatula or probe.

Conditions and term of storage

Store the powder in a dry place away from liquids. Store the product at 15-25 ° C / 59-77 ° F. Do not use the product after the expiration date.

Packaging :

• powder 33 g
• liquid 12 ml
• accessories

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Ketac Cem Radiopaque, 33 g powder + 12 ml liquid
1 865.00грн.