BREEZE, Petron A2, 7 g syringe - composite cement

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A new self-adhesion dual-hardening composite cement. Eliminates the need for etching and adhesive application, reduces postoperative sensitivity and working time. Available in a popular double-barrel syringe with self-mixing nozzles and intra-oral cannulas. Provides versatility, speed and accuracy during application, does not require manual mixing or other additional accessories.

Operating characteristics:

Type of polymerization: double hardening;

Mixing method: automatic mixing;

Mixing proportions (base / catalyst): 1: 1;

Mixing time: automatic mixing;

Working time (maximum): 1-1.5 minutes;

Setting time in the mouth from the moment of mixing: 3.5-4 minutes;

Adhesion strength: 20.6 Mpa.

Composition: a mixture of composites based on BISGMA, UDMA, TEGDMA, HEMA, & 4-MET, silane-treated barium borosilicate glass*, quartz with initiators, stabilizers and UV absorber, organic and/or inorganic pigments, silencers that make the glass opaque . * Contains a small amount of aluminum oxide.

Designed for cementing all types of restorations. High adhesion strength and low expansion make Breeze cement an excellent choice for almost all fixation needs.

Cement is available in 3 shades: A2, opaque white, transparent.


- Cementation of composite, all-ceramic, metal-ceramic, pressed onto a metal frame, and all-cast crowns, bridges, inlays, overlays; - Cementation of fiber-reinforced composite posts; - Cementation of posts made of titanium, titanium alloys, stainless steel and zircon. Contraindications: - Cementation of ceramic veneers;

- Cementation of natural ceramic mass restorations.


1. The area of fixation in the restoration must be fully prepared for cementation and completely cleaned.

2. Prepare the restoration according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Note: Before placing all-ceramic restorations, apply silane to the inner surface of the restoration and air dry for 1 minute. Prepare and clean the abutment teeth. Rinse the abutment teeth completely with a stream of water and remove excess moisture using an air jet for 2 seconds. Do not overdry the tissues of the supporting teeth. Important Note: Although there is no need for etching or adhesive application when using Breeze cement, the tooth surface must be free of any contamination such as saliva, blood, eugenol or any other substance that may impair bond duration and/or strength. adhesion of composite cement.

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BREEZE, Petron A2, 7 g syringe - composite cement
1 195.00грн.