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Dental C-silicone mass for removing impressions of teeth.

Set: basic mass (910 ml), universal activator (60 ml) and corrective mass (140 ml).

Manufacturer: "Coltene/Whaledent AG" (Switzerland).

Distinctive features:

Ideal for obtaining an impression using two-layer impression techniques.
Material for external impression in two-phase impression technique and copper ring impression removal technique.
Material for control models, including orthodontic, occlusal key, impression for making crowns after tooth preparation.
It has good biological compatibility and high resistance.


Polysiloxane elastomer capable of forming a mesh structure based on the condensation reaction.

Release form:

Base and correction mass.
Universal Activator.

Indications for use:
- material for the base cast in the two-layer cast technique,
- the material of the external cast in the two-phase cast technique,
- material for external gluing in the technique of removing the cast with a copper ring,
- material for control models, including orthodontic, bite key, mold for making protective crowns after tooth preparation.

It was not detected during normal use.

Side effect:
Polysiloxanes have very good biological tolerance. So far, no adverse reactions have been noted in patients and clinic staff. Bonding materials are designed to harden in the oral cavity, forming an inelastic cast. The limiting time of the material in the oral cavity is limited by the doubling time of solidification. Despite the high resistance of the material to the conditions in the oral cavity, it is necessary to control that after the end of the work in the interdental space, no material remains in the alveolar groove. Areas where material may become stuck must be protected before removing the cast.

If the catalyst gets into the eyes, it is necessary to wash them thoroughly with water, after which contact an ophthalmologist. The universal activator is not dangerous for tissues (does not have a marking in the form of an Andrew's cross).

Molding spoons:
Standard hard dazzling spoons. To strengthen the retention of the material, it is recommended to apply a thin layer of Coltene - adhesive to the surface of the blind spoon.

Remove Speedex Putty from the jar using a measuring spoon (excess material must be removed). Place the material from the measuring spoon in an even layer on the palm. Print the diameter of the measuring spoon on the mass.
Squeeze out the amount of Universal Activator equal to the diameter of a measuring spoon for each measuring spoon of mass.
Close the tube with the activator immediately after use!
Over- and underdosing is allowed:
Depending on overdosing and underdosing of the Universal Activator, it is possible to change the solidification time of the material in the oral cavity.

With a minimum time for the material to solidify in the oral cavity, the working time is enough to perform high-quality work.

The material should be vigorously mixed with the fingertips until the marbling disappears and a homogeneous material is obtained, for at least 30 seconds. When using mechanical mixing devices, it is necessary to strictly follow the manual for their use.

Cast removal.
When removing the mold, quickly (in 2-3 seconds) set the spoon with the mass in the desired position, then hold the spoon with the material in the given position until the latter completely hardens. The material hardens at room temperature more time than in the oral cavity. Therefore, before removing the spoon with the material from the oral cavity, check whether the material has solidified intraorally. Increased temperature, active mixing and overdose of the Universal Activator accelerate the solidification of the material; reduced temperature and reduced amount of Universal Activator slow down the solidification of the material.
Important: in order to ensure connection with the corrective layer and to avoid delamination, the castings must be thoroughly washed and dried before applying the corrective mass. When using hydrogen peroxide as a disinfectant, casts should be rinsed well in running water to avoid the formation of pores.

After removing the cast from the oral cavity, it should be rinsed with running water. Final disinfection takes at least 30 minutes. in liquid disinfectant solutions such as 2% acidic glutaraldehyde, 0.5-1% sodium hypochloride, 0.1-1.5% providone iodide (halogenated phenol) or 0.13% neutral glutaraldehyde do not affect the surface and do not cause. Acrylic spoons should be protected from water abs

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SPEEDEX Coltene set
1 600.00грн.