Granum-100 oil-free compressor without dryer + soundproof cabinet

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Granum-100 oil-free compressor + soundproof cabinet

  1. Productivity: 100 l / min
  2. Receiver volume: 35 l
  3. Noise level: 60-65 dBA
  4. Power: 0.84 kW
  5. Working pressure: 6-8 Bar
  6. Dimensions: 44x44x69 cm
  7. Weight: 45 kg

Warranty: 1 year

The noise-insulating cabinet is designed to isolate noise and vibrations of the compressor from the external environment and create comfortable conditions for the work of personnel.
The cabinet is made of metal: the body is 1.2 mm thick, the lower platform is 2 mm thick. The cabinet is lined from the inside (for vibration isolation) with foam rubber 13 mm thick, and on top of it (for noise isolation) with acoustic foam 50 mm thick, all joints have a sealing coating. Three powerful, low-noise (44 dB) fans are also installed in the cabinet, which are controlled by a thermostat.
Model ShM-65-1: The controls (switch, ventilation system operation indicator, pressure gauge) are located on the front panel, and the connections for connection (air outlet, condensate drain, power supply connection) are in a special niche at the bottom of the rear panel.
Model ShM-65-2: The controls (switch, indicator of the ventilation system) are placed on the front panel. The model does not have a bottom, which facilitates its installation on a compressor of any manufacturer.

Model Feeding Fan performance Noise reduction level For which compressor is it intended Dimensions Weight
V/Hz M3/hour dB(A)/1m see kg
ShM-65-1 220/50 510 18-20 DT550/2-50 D 56*92*90 50

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Granum-100 oil-free compressor without dryer + soundproof cabinet
34 822.00грн.