Fuji 9 (Fuji IX GP) GC, Fuji triple set 3x15g + 2x6.4ml

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Fuji 9 (Fuji IX GP) GC, Fuji triple set 3x15g + 2x6.4ml


1. Filling of I and II class cavities in primary teeth.
2. Sealing of class I and II cavities in permanent teeth in areas that do not bear a significant chewing load.
3. Semi-permanent restorative material and restorative base in the case of sandwich technique in class I and II cavities in areas with strong masticatory load.
4. Sealing of class V cavities and root cement.
5. Restoring the tooth stump under the crown.
Side effect.
1. Direct overlap of the pulp.
2. In some cases, the material may cause sensitivity in some patients. If such reactions occur, stop using the material and consult a doctor.

a) The standard powder/liquid ratio is 3.6g — 1.0g.
(One full spoonful of powder and one drop of liquid).
b) To accurately dose the powder, lightly tap the bottle on the palm of your hand. do not shake or invert.
c) Hold the bottle with liquid strictly vertically, pressing lightly.
d) Close the bottles tightly immediately after use.
2. kneading.
Place the metered powder and liquid on the mixing block. Using a plastic spatula, divide the powder into two equal parts. Mix one half of the powder with all the liquid for 10 seconds. Add the second portion of the powder and thoroughly mix the whole material for another 15-20 seconds.
3. TECHNIQUES of restoration.
a) Prepare the cavity using standard technique. Large macromechanical retention is not required. Use a material based on calcium hydroxide to cover the pulp.
b) Using a cotton ball or applicator, apply GC Cavity Conditioner (for 10 seconds) or GC Dentin Conditioner (for 20 seconds) to the associated surfaces
c) Rinse thoroughly with water.
d) Dry it by removing the dry moisture with a cotton ball or blowing it lightly with a jet of air. Do not overdry. Best results are achieved when the surface looks wet (shiny).
e) Mix the required amount of Fuji IX GP. The working hour at t 23 ° C is 2 minutes from the start of mixing. A higher temperature reduces the working time.
f) Introduce the mixed cement into the cavity using special cannulae or other appropriate tool.
g) Make sure that there are no air bubbles in the thickness of the material.
h) Carry out preliminary contouring, if necessary, use a matrix. Immediately apply GC Fuji Varnish (air blown) or Fuji Coat LC (Light Curing) to the seal surface.
4. Finishing.
a) Finishing according to the standard method with water cooling can be started 6 minutes after the start of mixing.
b) Before the patient leaves, apply a layer of Fuji Varnish or Fuji Coat LC to the filling.
c) Ask the patient to refrain from chewing on this tooth for one hour.

Store at 14-25°C.
(Storage period: 3 years from the date of production).
COLOR: A2, A3, B3.
Color on the Vita® scale is a registered trademark of Vita Zahnf abrik, Bad Sackingen, Germany.
1. Type 1-1 package: 15g powder, 8m (6.4ml) liquid, powder measuring spoon, mixing block, plastic spatula.
2. A bottle of 15g of powder with a measuring spoon.
3. A bottle of 8g (6.4ml) of liquid.

1. In case of contact of the material with oral tissues or skin, immediately remove the material with a napkin or cotton wool soaked in alcohol. Rinse with water.
2. If the material gets into the eyes, immediately rinse with plenty of water and consult a doctor.
3. Do not mix Fuji IX GP powder or liquid with any components of other vitreous cements.

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Fuji 9 (Fuji IX GP) GC, Fuji triple set 3x15g + 2x6.4ml
5 300.00грн.