VITREMER (Vitrimer) large set of 6 colors x 5 m + base + accessories.

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The material is a hybrid light-curing glass ionomer dental filling.

The set includes:
6 vials with powder (5 g) in an assortment. with shades A3, A4, C2, C4, Pedo, Blue, 1 primer (6.5 ml),
2 bottles with liquid (8 ml),
1 bottle with finishing varnish (6.5 ml), 60 disposable brushes, 50 applicators,
1 kneading pad (7.5 x 13 cm),
1 plastic tray for dispensing adhesive,
1 shade scale, accessories

Glass ionomer aesthetic material of triple polymerization

Purpose :
• Sealing of class I and II cavities
• Sealing of III and V class cavities
• Treatment of elderly patients and patients with a low hygienic index
• Treatment of non-carious lesions of the teeth
• Sealing in case of root caries
• Filling of milk teeth
• Stump superstructure
• Construction of the base with the sandwich technique
• Closure of perforation defects
• Sanitation under anesthesia

Advantages :
• Patented triple polymerization mechanism:
- photopolymerization
- chemical polymerization
- glass ionomer reaction
• Active release of fluoride
• High compressive strength
• High wear resistance
• Excellent edge fit
• Strong chemical connection with pathologically changed dentine
• Application of material in one block, not in layers
• Ability to introduce material into the cavity using a dispenser gun
• The possibility to proceed with restoration processing immediately after photopolymerization
• Restoration of teeth from different functional groups
• Packability
• 9 different shades
• opacity similar to natural dentin
• special shades for orthopedics and pediatric dentistry

Instructions for use :
• Before dosing, shake the powder container
• After dosing, tightly close both containers
• When mixing, add the powder to the liquid in portions
• Working time (including mixing time) 3:00 min
• Photopolymerization 40 z

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VITREMER (Vitrimer) large set of 6 colors x 5 m + base + accessories.
12 900.00грн.