G-AENIAL, Genial anterior A1 4.7g

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Orthopedic composite GC G-Aenial

GC is a Japanese manufacturing and trading company specializing in the production and sale of high-quality materials used in modern dental practice. Glass ionomer GC G-AENIAL is an orthopedic light-curing composite that has excellent modeling properties and is used for the restoration of carious cavities of all types. The material has a non-flowing structure and is produced in a syringe weighing 4.7 g. It has increased X-ray opacity, is perfectly polished, is not prone to wear, restorations have an aesthetic appearance, natural opalescence and fluorescence. The manufacturer offers several shades of the drug.


G-AENIAL is a light-curing composite material that can satisfy the most sophisticated aesthetic requests. Makes it possible to create aesthetically perfect restorations using only one shade.

Features and benefits:

  • Great aesthetics
  • Excellent polish
  • A rational and simple shade system. Even the use of only one shade provides exceptional restoration aesthetics. When using several shades, the result satisfies any aesthetic requests
  • Color, saturation, brightness and transparency are finely balanced in each shade.
  • Shades of the restorative material and the tooth do not just match - the restoration becomes invisible. This was made possible by the complex non-homogeneous composition of G-ænial, as a result of which it accurately imitates the optical properties of natural teeth.
  • Accurate reproduction of the optical properties of hard tooth tissues
  • The material has natural fluorescence and opalescence
  • Long working time: 4 minutes!
  • Easy modeling
  • High radiopacity

ANTERIOR version – for restoration of frontal teeth:

Flawless color matching and adaptation to natural shades of tooth tissue
It has a smooth and shiny surface, it is easy and quick to polish.
High radiopacity

Shades :

  • Standard: XBW, BW, A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B1, B2, B3, C3, CV, CVD
  • Internal: AO2, AO3, AO4
  • External: JE, AE, SE, TE, IE, CVE

POSTERIOR version - for restoration of lateral teeth:

  • High compressive strength - prevents chipping and cracking of the material under increased occlusal load
  • Increased wear resistance and optimized stiffness in relation to intact antagonist teeth.
  • Optimal packaging for restoration of lateral teeth
  • High radiopacity

Shades :

  • Standard: P-A1, P-A2, P-A3, P-A3.5
  • External: P-JE, P-IE
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    G-AENIAL, Genial anterior A1 4.7g
    1 820.00грн.